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21st Century Technologies
and Why They Should Be Used Together

You my have thought you have seen this before and know of other firms that you think are offering the same thing…
But, you’re very wrong.
This is a proprietary and exclusive combination of new technology, some technology that has been around for a while, and technology that has only recently been available.   These technologies use both satellite and cellular technology to yield an exceptional combination of 21st century technologies offered by SalesHawks.

All these technologies are used together for each of their best benefits.  Advertising ID Collection gathers the unique Advertising ID associated with every cell phone.  Geo Fencing and Geo Targeting… targets a particular geographic area.   Hyper Mobile targets and shows ads immediately while people are within the targeted area.  Geo Conquesting retargets them long term after they leave the targeted area.  Cross Device Retargeting ties their cell phone to their other devices such as their home, work, and tablet computers.  SalesHawks has the special sauce that pulls it all together and provides exceptional reporting and analysis.

We admit this is really technical stuff.  The good news is that SalesHawks offers a complete Done-For-You offering.  We do all the technical stuff, setup and continually monitor your campaign, and do all the design, graphics, and internet programming for you.

For the curious here is a narrative on the major technologies SalesHawks uses.

How SalesHawks’ Conquesting Works:

  • Collecting Advertising IDs – Each time someone enters the geo targeted area, we have a technology that can gather the Advertising ID from their mobile phone. This includes both iPhones and Android phones.  This is special because Advertising IDs can only be obtained by having an application installed on their mobile phone.  We have an agreement with 180,000 applications on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store that allow us to get these Advertising IDs using their Apps.  Apps like Google Maps and other major applications like CNN and The Weather Channel are just a couple of the Apps included in this agreement.  These Apps cover 97% of all the internet.
  • SalesHawks’ Geo Fencing – Geo Fencing technology uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to create a virtual perimeter of a real world geographic area.  Think of looking down from space and blocking out a particular geographic area.  Our technology allows us to target an area as small as a 5 meter circle and as large as a metropolitan area.
  • SalesHawks’ Geo Targeting – Geo-targeting technology is used to trigger when a mobile phone enters a designated location. Once this happens an application that resides on their phone is contacted and obtains the mobile phone’s Advertising ID.
  • Saleshawks’ Hyper Mobile – Hyper Mobile technology is used to target, and show ads, in real-time, to people who enter your geo fenced area. Imaging you are a used car dealer and you wish to target people looking for used cars in your competitor’s car lot.  Quite often they are checking Kelly Blue Book or some other App that is part of our network.  With Hyper Mobile there is a good chance your banner ad would be shown to them… right on your competitor’s car lot.  Wow!  Now that’s the true power of what local marketing can be.
  • SalesHawks’ Geo Conquesting – Here’s where it starts to really get crazy powerful. With most of the other services out there, you are only targeted while you are in the targeted area and become a ghost once you leave the targeted area… never to be seen again unless you return to the targeted area.  Not with  Saleshawks’ system…  you now, in essence, own them or at least their unique advertising ID.  We keep this ID and will continue to retarget them as long as you wish.  They have just been conquested.
  • SalesHawkd’ Cross Device Retargeting – As advertising ID’s are collected, tracked, cataloged and sent to SalesHawks demand side platform where we can then retarget the people that were in your specific geo targeted areas. Our process uses special 3rd party services that allow us to know which computers are connected to the home, work, and tablet computers that they use.   An example of our processes would include their logging into a bank account where the person has a banking application on their phone and then logs in with their username and password… the bank then identifies it was from their mobile app.  Later if that same person logs in with their username / password on their home, work, or tablet computer the bank’s App also knows this and then ties the mobile login information with the computer’s information.   They then let us use this information to place your ads on their mobile phones, work, home, and tablet computers.  Ka-Ching!
  • SalesHawks’ Extra Special Sauce –   Rarely do you wish to contact everybody in your local market targeting area.  You probably don’t wish to waste your advertising dollars on girls and boys under the age of 16, or maybe your ideal customer is a woman age 21 to 36, with a family, and in the middle to upper income bracket.  SalesHawks is able to drill-down to the demographics and behavior data points of your ideal customer and then spend your advertising dollars marketing only to your ideal customers.  In addition, what good is a marketing campaign that does not give you excellent reporting and tracking?  With SalesHawks you get exceptional reporting and target analysis.   For your geo targeted locations, we provide information on the number of specific advertiser IDs that have been shown and have clicked on one of your banners.  As the guy on TV says… But wait… It gets even better.  We offer you use of our unique, trackable (by store, if desired), one time use mobile coupon system on our custom designed landing page (where your customer goes when they click your banner ad).   Again…  Wow!

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