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Invisalign Providers…  How are you looking for those valuable new Invisalign Patients in your local community?

GeoFencing has transformed the way you locate, target, and engage your ideal Invisalign Patients.

As a high level Invisalign Provider, you know the value of each new Invisalign patient to your practice.

And Invisalign’s popularity has created issues in your community:

  • More and more dentists are becoming Invisalign Providers
  • Some are drastically cutting their prices
  • Competition for new Invisalign patients has heated up tremendously
  • New suppliers are making inroads into the “clear aligners” market

There are literally hundreds of people in your area that know about Invisalign and want the great smile you can give them.  These are your ideal new Invisalign patients, teens and adults, ready to come to your chair.

They’re located right there in your local area (generally within a 5-10 mile radius of your practice.)

And these ideal Invisalign patients are on their cell phones, every day, all day, constantly browsing, always shopping.  Their cell phones are a “Hand-Held-Billboard“, where they look for products and services just like yours to make their buying decisions.

Don’t just wait around for your ideal Invisalign patients to find you or be snatched up by your competitors.

Stop Waiting…  Get Aggressive…  Go Find Them Now…

SalesHawks is a marketing and advertising company specializing in advanced true local mobile marketing

—  for highly successful Invisalign Providers like you  —

Using our True Local Mobile Technology of Geofencing you can now Identify, Locate, and Laser Target your ideal customer by turning their mobile phone into your own “Hand-Held Billboard” for your practice, Invisalign, and and all your other great dental services.
How we do that, for your practice is incredibly effective yet remarkably inexpensive.

The Technology of GeoFencing
allows SalesHawks to:

Determine who your ideal new Invisalign patients are…
Identify them in your local geographic area…
Create your own custom Invisalign banner ads,
videos, and landing pages laser targeting their cell phones
Put ads and videos on their phones and bring them to you.


No need for any technical expertise…   we do it all for you.

Let SalesHawks provide you with the attitude, the confidence, and the technology
to seek out new Invisalign patients and bring them to your chair.
Stop Waiting…  Get Aggressive…  Go Find Them Now…


As the owner of a local dental practice, how do you market your Invisalign (and other services) to your community?

For locally owned businesses, most avenues of traditional local marketing (newsprint, Yellow Pages, flyers, mailers) are either no longer available, or they are very expensive and not very effective at bringing in new local patients.

Frankly, we’ve found that there just isn’t much left to choose from when it comes to local marketing and advertising outlets, except social media.  And, as you have found out, local social media advertising, to be even somewhat effective, requires you, or an employee, to spend hours every day posting on your FaceBook, Instagram, SnapChat, blog, or Twitter feeds.  Who has that kind of time and money to waste?

Your ideal Invisalign patients have taken up residence on their mobile phones.  They are on their mobile phones every day  constantly browsing, always shopping.  Media data confirms that the average mobile phone user checks their mobile phone 57 times each day.

How do you:

  • get to them on their mobile phones?
  • laser target your ideal local mobile Invisalign patients and not waste a ton of advertising dollars on people who either aren’t in your mobile market area or…  not your ideal patient?
  • find your ideal Invisalign patients and go to them rather than hoping that somehow they find you?
  • put ads, specials, and coupons in front of the people who actually need Invisalign?
  • get the attitude and confidence to do all this?

That’s What True Targeted Local Mobile Marketing  —  Is All About

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