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There’s A Better Way To Solve Your Company’s Class A Driver Crisis…
Than Just Throwing Tons Of Money At It !!!

Become The Hunter…   Not The Hunted

Everyone’s aware of the driver shortage the trucking industry is struggling with.  Particularly for Class A, full truckload, over the road drivers.  And it’s been building up for years.

This lack of good, qualified Class A drivers has driven the cost of CPM pay, salaries, benefits, and other driver enticements to record highs.  And you’ve spent a great deal of time and money developing an excellent recruitment package.

But the real Secret to the success in your search for qualified Class A drivers lies in your ability to reach out directly to these drivers and put your company’s name and great recruitment package right in their hands.

The Problem

Today your prospective drivers have to Hunt to find your job posting and recruitemnet pakage.

Your company and your competitors mostly use the same means to acquire drivers.  Recruiters, aggregators, and employment agencies remain the industry favorites to find these very valuable Class A drivers.

  • When you advertise a driver job opening using any of these venues, your Class A driver prospects come to these sites and they have to Hunt for your driver job opening.
  • Using these traditional methods, these Job-Hunting drivers may never see or be introduced to your great job listing.  They may be sent to your competitors’ posting.  And… that’s not good.
  • Many of these driver placement sites match each application with various truck line postings, not just yours.  How many qualified drivers have been lost because they haven’t been referred to your company?

Don’t make the really good, qualified Class A drivers go Hunting for your openings, and then let them be exposed to all your competitors’ job offers !

Now there’s another option.  A better way.  And a huge opportunity to separate your trucking company from your competition. 

The Answer

Let your trucking company become the Hunter, not the Hunted.

Every good, qualified Class A driver in America has a cell phone.  and it’s with them 24/7.  It’s the way they communicate with everyone.

Why don’t you simply let SalesHawks reach out and contact the best Class a drivers in America directly for you and present your excellent recruitment package to them?

SalesHawks is offering to your trucking company a bold new marketing plan…  using the latest, state-of-the-art mobile technology…  that’s changing how the industry finds qualified drivers.

  • A marketing and advertising plan that allows your trucking company to identify, locate, and communicate directly with the best, most qualified Class A drivers out there.  Locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • A technology theat engages the most qualified Class A drivers on their personal cell phone, puts your company’s brand and recruitment package right in their hands and brings them to your door.
  • With no expertise needed on your part.  We do it all for you.

This technology is the future of finding and attracting qualified drivers.  Don’t let your trucking company get left behind.

Find out more about how SalesHawks will let you get an edge on your compeition with the ability to contact your ideal Class A Drivers in the areas you need.  Don’t wait for these valuable drivers to find you.


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