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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this legal?  This seems a bit Big Brotherish. – This is absolutely legal.  It may seem Big Brotherish, but think about it, we are not stepping foot on anyone’s location.  We are simply using technology that is covered in the terms of services of every phone and every App that people download.  The terms of service say that they have the right to share your advertising Id with over 180,000 Apps and VooDoo is able to capture and utilize this data.  In summary, this ability is completely covered in the terms of service of your phone and all the Apps that are downloaded to their phone.
  • What if a competitor subscribes to your service before I do?  Can a competitor conquest my location or the locations where my likely customers frequent and then show them my competitor’s ads?  Brutally honest answer… Absolutely!  VooDoo is a first come first conquest service.  Not only is it that once one of your competitors secures your location or the locations where your likely clients frequent…  we guarantee their exclusive rights to the locations.  You have just been VooDoo conquested.  Your company has just lost a major local marketing advantage.  Your customers and your likely clients will, now receive ads from your competitor as often as your competitor wishes.  We are likely currently marketing in your area and in your niche and to your competitors.  The question is…  Will I capture this amazing and exclusive local marketing opportunity or will my competitor?
  • This seems awfully technical.  I’m not a techie.  I want VooDoo but I don’t want to do all this technical stuff.  The good news is that SalesHawks does it all for you.  Based on your company’s marketing goals and philosophy.   SalesHawks will create all the graphical design and programming necessary for your banner ads and landing page, host them on the internet and submit them for display to our over 180,000 network of sites comprising 97% of all the advertising sites on the internet.  We will provide you with the proofs of all advertising and landing pages and give you complete design authority and approval before they are seen.  SalesHawks will integrate your landing page with your email or email autoresponder system.  SalesHawks will create and actively monitor your ad campaign.  We will gather and store all the information necessary to provide you with complete stealth reporting on your advertising campaign.  Again, SalesHawks does it all for you.
  • What are banner ads and what are landing pages?  Banner ads are the clickable visuals that are displayed on our vast network of participating sites.  Note:  These are not Pop-Ups that can be blocked.  They are a part of the website being viewed.  Landing pages are the internet page (URL) where a person it transferred to once they clicked one of your banner ads.
  • Who sees my banner ads?  In our VooDoo system the only people that will see your banner ads are people who have been conquested by VooDoo by visiting one of the specific geographical areas that you have chosen.

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