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Trade Shows Are Expensive….

But You Gotta Go…  And stand In Your Booth, Day After Day…
Watching All Those Attendees Walk By…  Heading To Somewhere Else.

Ever wonder how, during the show, you could engage the exact demographic of attendees you want?  Bring them to your booth…  Stay in touch with them after the show…  And not bankrupt your company.  As the commercial goes… But Wait… It gets even better…  With VooDoo you don’t even have to be at the show!

Introducing an incredibly powerful new concept for trade shows, conventions, and other events.

We call it VooDoo.  (The technical name is Geo Conquesting, but we’re not much for tech talk.  However our techies in development love it.)

How powerful is VooDoo?  It has already transformed how your company will find and engage your new customers.

What is VooDoo, and what does it mean for your company?

Using GPS and mobile technology, VooDoo sets up a digital virtual fence around the perimeter in which you want to market your attendees; the convention center, hotels, restaurants, wherever your attendies may be.  Our techies call it Geo Fencing.

When the attendees enter the designated digital fenced area, VooDoo contacts their mobile phone and the phone is identified.  VooDoo then drills down to select the phones of your ideal customers based on specific information provided by you.  Our techies call it Geo Targeting.

The mobile phone of your desired customer (it could be all of the attendees) is tagged and your company’s banner ad (not a popup that can be closed) begins to show on their phone as they are browsing other internet sites…  And as you know, people these days are always looking and browsing on their mobile phones.  This ad will make an engaging offer to the attendees.     Guess what…  You just targeted your customer without knowing their email address, mobile phone number, or having them click anything.   
“Click here to see what we’re giving away”  When the attendee clicks on the ad, it takes them to a landing page where another call to action is made.  “Click here to register for…”  Our techies call it Hyper Mobile Targeting.

The ad will continue to appear on all targeted attendees’ mobile phones, as they browse various internet sites. for the duration of the trade show, even when they leave the “Geo Fenced” area.  When the show is over, your company has the option of following these attendees’ mobile phone home and stay connected with them, beginning a new campaign of ads, keeping them engaged with your company for as long as you wish.  Our techies call it Geo Retargeting.

VooDoo uses the mobile phone’s information to place your ads on the targeted attendees’ other devices at their home, their office, their desktops, laptops, and tablets as they browse the thousands of internet sites that show banner ads.  Unbelievable!  Out techies call this bit of magic Cross Device Retargeting.

And when Your company can perform all these functions at your trade show and after, our techies call it Geo Conquesting.

We in marketing call it VooDoo!  A little like magic, and very powerful!

More good news!  You don’t need any technical experience to put VooDoo to work for your company.  SalesHawks does it all for you.  All you have to do is take care of your new customers as they respond to your VooDoo campaign.

Here’s how easy it is to get started on your company’s campaign using VooDoo for your next trade show  (It’ll be here before you know it):

  • Contact SalesHawks and tell us about your company.  Who is your preferred customer?  What products or services are you exhibiting at your show?  We can drill down to the demographic (age and gender) along with other qualifiers to target the perfect attendees for your company to attract at the show.
  • SalesHawks will, with your help, design your banner ad and landing page.
  • SalesHawks will present to your company a comprehensive Mobile Geo Marketing plan, using VooDoo‘s powerful, one of a kind technology, that shows how your mobile campaign will be rolled out for use at your trade show.
  • Sign up and let the magic of VooDoo bring customers to your booth.

For more information on how VooDoo can make your next trade show the best ever, contact us at or call us at (800) 431-6657.  Thank you for your time.

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